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Organic Garments values its customers and the environment. The company’s goal is to become the established sustainable, customer-friendly brand that people turn to for fashionable, durable, comfortable sneakers carefully crafted out of a variety of plant-based materials.

When you plant your feet in our sustainable sneakers, you should expect the following five factors to be true:        

--Plant-based shoes are for everyone.
--Plant-based shoes do not have to be ugly to be eco-friendly.
--Plant-based shoes are fun to wear.
--Plant-based shoes are affordable.
--Plant-based shoes can leave little, if any, footprints behind on this planet for people today and future generations.



While we are just beginning to plant our feet in the sustainable sneaker market, we hope in our small way to make a difference that helps our planet, and we hope to have an even greater impact on the environment as our roots take hold and our business grows.

Customers want eco-friendly shoes, and we are designing shoes that can be worn almost anywhere and at any time.  We are carefully crafting the sneakers out of plant-based materials that are ethically sourced.  Our factory in Vietnam is working with us every step of the way to help us design, develop, and deliver eco-friendlier sneakers. Each pair of our vegan sneakers is nestled and protected in a recyclable box and shipped in a recyclable package.




Hemp is extremely durable, super strong, all-natural textile that holds its shape and is naturally resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light.  It is also known for its comfort. Because the fiber is porous, hemp naturally “breathes” depending on the weather.  In warm weather, it feels cool.  In cool weather, the body naturally helps trap the air in the fibers to make the sneakers feel warmer. Environmentally, hemp is a very fast-growing plant that can produce more fiber per acre than any other crop.  It is known to leave the soil in excellent shape, and its strong roots can protect the soil.  Throughout the growing season, hemp leaves shed providing rich organic matter to the topsoil.



 Pineapple Leaf Fabric

Pinatex®, which is a “natural, innovative and patented new material, is made from pineapple leaf fibers gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines.”  The fibers used to make fabric are the “by-product of the pineapple harvest” that is usually thrown away and burned.  Ananas Anam, the maker of the fabric and a Certified B Corporation, states that “no extra land, fertilizer or pesticides are required” to produce the natural and vegan product that has the appearance of leather. The use of the “pineapple waste” has provided rural farming communities with income after the pineapple harvest.  After the fiber is taken from the leaf, the “biomass” that is left can be used as a natural fertilizer or biofuel. 




Cotton lines the sneakers. Cotton is a natural fiber that has been grown for thousands of years.  It's a very versatile crop that is spun into a soft yarn.  Over the years, cotton farming has made tremendous strides toward sustainability and environmental responsibility.



Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

The outsoles are made of a recyclable material known as Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE).  It has the characteristics of plastic and rubber, but unlike rubber, TPE can be recycled or remolded over and over again.  This material, which is used in the medical industry, has outstanding thermal properties and material stability.  Since TPEs require less energy in the production process and less waste, the use of them creates environmental benefits.  In the near future, Organic Garments wants to reduce its environmental impact even more by producing a sneaker sole with all organic material.



Recycled and Recyclable Packaging

Reuse, repurpose, and recycle.  Our boxes are made of 100% recycled materials and our shoes are cushioned inside the boxes with recyclable paper.  After they arrive, find another purpose for our box.  Wrap up a present.  Store something precious.  Keep your shoes inside the boxes when they are not on your feet or recycle them!