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Our Story

 Our grandpa loved to naturally grow things—plants, vegetables, and herbs. He loved digging in the soil and watching his seedlings grow into something beautiful.  Grandpa had a green thumb, and he passed his passion for plants and people onto his children and grandchildren. 

Grandpa also believed that things should last.  He grew up during the Depression and helped support his family by picking apples as a child.  Long before it was popular to reuse, recycle, and repurpose, grandpa was always looking for ways to make something last or reuse it.  He was one creative, crafty guy who could turn toothpicks and small pieces of wood into treasures.

So, it was only natural that we learned some important lessons from him.  If something is worth doing, do it right.  If you are going to make something, make it last.  Appreciate and respect all that nature has to offer.  Do not be afraid to work hard to reach your dreams.

Since 2018, we have been looking for a way to build a better sustainable sneaker that could be worn anywhere and at any time.  We wanted to make a plant-based sneaker that was comfortable and that would last.  We wanted it to be a product of nature that was nurtured, and we were willing to work to make the product one that was good for people and the planet.

OG Pineapple sneakers are the result of our research into plant-based materials. The combination of pineapple leaves and hemp produces a lightweight, durable, comfortable, and natural sneaker.  As a result, you are going to want to plant your feet in them!  Join us in our journey to make more sustainable sneakers that are crafted and nurtured with a passion and appreciation for everything that grows.