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Some styles come and go, but true fashion lasts.  We build fashionable, sustainable sneakers made to last.  We chose only the best plant-based fabrics for our lows to provide our socially conscious consumers with comfortable, durable, eco-friendly shoes.  We not only pack comfort in our sneakers, but we also package them in environmentally friendly recycled boxes as part of our commitment to our planet.


Hemp is an extremely durable, super strong, and all-natural textile that holds its shape and is naturally resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light. Its tensile strength is three times stronger than cotton.  It is resistant to fading by sunlight.  It has a longer lifespan than other natural fabrics. It is so strong that Henry Ford even experimented with the material in the 1940s when he was making cars.

Pineapple Leaves

The pineapple leaf fabric is a “natural, innovative and patented new material produced by Pinatex®.  Pineapple leaf fibers are the “by-product of the pineapple harvest” and are gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines.” No extra land, fertilizer or pesticides are needed to produce the natural and vegan product that looks like leather.  Pinatex® uses GOTS certified pigments to add color to the fabric and applies a resin top coating to give the fabric additional strength, durability, and water resistance.


Cotton is a natural fiber that has been grown for thousands of years.  It's a very versatile crop that is spun into a soft yarn.  Over the years, cotton farming has made tremendous strides toward sustainability and environmental responsibility.  Cotton is comfortable, soft, and easier to care for than many other fabrics.

Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

Reuse, repurpose, and recycle.  Our boxes are made of 100% recycled boxes and our shoes are cushioned inside the boxes with recyclable paper.  After they arrive, find another purpose for our box.  Wrap up a present.  Store something precious.  Keep your shoes inside them when they are not on your feet or recycle them!