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Our classic, signature low sneaker is the OG Pineapple. Carefully crafted from high quality super strong, premium plant-based materials, the OG Pineapple sneaker combines pineapple leaves and hemp to create a lightweight, durable, comfortable, and natural sneaker that caresses your feet and empowers your sole.


Style and sustainability perfectly connect in the OG Pineapple low off-white sneaker—an eco-friendly shoe that can be worn almost anywhere and at any time. Take a walk on the beach. Traverse the city. Trek through the woods.

The OG Pineapple sneaker is carefully constructed out of hemp and pineapple leaf fibers. Hemp is an extremely durable, super strong, water-resistant all-natural textile that holds its shape and is resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light. The pineapple leaf fabric, a natural, innovative and patented new vegan material by Pinatex® is produced from the “by-product of the pineapple harvest” and “no extra land, fertilizer or pesticides are required” to produce the natural and vegan product that has the appearance of leather.”

The lining of the sustainable sneaker is made from cotton to caress the foot to maximize comfort and fit.

The outsoles are made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). TPE is a synthetic material. TPE can be recycled or molded over and over again. TPEs, which are used in the medical industry, have outstanding thermal properties, material stability, and dye capability. Since TPEs require less energy in the production process and less waste, the use of them creates environmental benefits.

Embroidered on the side panel of the shoe is our signature—the OG Pineapple logo.  It is our guarantee that our product of nature was nurtured when it was created by our professional shoe crafters.

Accent stitching on the uppers and lowers detail our commitment to quality, and the OG “Plant Your Feet” on the sole empowers you to step into our sustainable sneaker!

Product Specifications

Upper:  Hemp and pineapple leaves
Lining: Organic Cotton
Sole:  TPE can be recycled or remolded
Insole: PU
Construction: Cemented
Laces: Organic cotton

Made in Vietnam